Education and Training

We are looking to provide training and education that improves the care of people living with HIV/AIDS. We believe that every member of the healthcare team has their respective role in this endeavor, and we aim to educate and motivate our colleagues in counseling, diagnosing and treating HIV disease. Working together, we can optimize the management of people living with HIV and prevent the high-risk behaviors that lead to HIV transmission.

Our Training and Education Services include:

  • Education programs on all aspect of HIV prevention, diagnosis and management
  • Capacity building assistance
  • Practice transformation coaching
  • Clinical consultation
  • Workforce education
  • Technical assistance
  • Educational and resource materials
  • Preceptorships

Target Audience

  • Physicians
  • Advance Practice Nurses
  • Nurses
  • Physician Assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Social Workers/Case Managers
  • Oral Health Professionals
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Other health care professions, especially Ryan White CARE Act-funded providers working with hard-to-reach and underserved populations
  • Other health professionals providing direct service to people with HIV/AIDS