Information for Preceptors of the Certified Peer Specialist in HIV Program

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Preceptorship Experience Overview

  1. Peers will identify the agency or agencies they will work with.
  2. Preceptors will complete the Preceptorship Agreement Form when the peer is ready to start the preceptorship.
  3. Peers will meet with clients and will fill out ONE Preceptorship Documentation Form (PDF) for one client of their choice. Peers are required to complete 8 PDFs total. View the Sample Preceptorship Documentation Form to see an example of a completed form.
  4. Preceptors will provide feedback on each PDF and will initial the peer’s Preceptorship Tracking Form after providing that feedback.

For more detailed information, view the following helpful resources:

Orientation for Preceptors

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Read the Peer Specialist in HIV Preceptorship Experience Welcome Letter