North Florida aids education and training center

The North Florida AETC is a network of leading HIV experts who provide locally based, tailored education, clinical consultation, and technical assistance to healthcare professionals and organizations to integrate state-of-the-science comprehensive care for those living with or affected by HIV.


HIV Care Tools App

The new AETC Program app supports health care providers with point-of-care tools for HIV screening, prevention, and care. The app has quick guides, clinical calculators, screening tools, one-touch access to HIV Clinical Consultation, and the AETC Directory. Take us with you!

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HIV Enduring Credit Opportunities

This course and its modules are designed to help you obtain Continuing Education credits from the comfort of your own home or office! Southeast AETC and the North Florida AETC office have come together to compile some of our most well-received and requested topics and archive them, to provide participants with the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in the realm of HIV care and patient care and to earn Continuing Education credits on your own schedule.

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Medical Case Management Modules

Developed by the Southeast AETC in collaboration with multiple HIV experts across the Southeast, this online learning curriculum is a free self-paced learning and educational resource. The courses developed are curated to follow the mission of the AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) Program to increase the number of health care providers who are effectively educated and motivated to counsel, prevent, diagnose, treat and medically manage people with HIV and to help end the HIV epidemic. Free Continuing Education credits are available for some of the courses

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Mission Statement

The mission of the North Florida AIDS Education and Training Center is to improve the care of people living with HIV/AIDS. We believe that every member of the healthcare team has their respective role in this endeavor, and we aim to educate and motivate our colleagues in counseling, diagnosing and treating HIV disease. Working together, we can optimize the management of people living with HIV and prevent the high-risk behaviors that lead to HIV transmission.